Classroom Feature: Steller's Jays Classroom

Here's this week's glimpse into what's happening in and out of our classrooms in the day school! These feature lessons, activities, centers, and saunters from a different classroom each week.

Today's feature: Steller’s Jays Shadow Room

SJ april2.JPG

This week we transformed our Dramatic Play space into a light and shadow room. We darkened the walls and set up an overhead projector for the children to explore. On our shelves are many different loose parts (open-ended materials the students can explore and move freely), that can be related to weather. We are combining our learning about weather with our investigation of light and shadow.

“Overhead projectors are tools capable of creating worlds crowded with different, often unexpected phenomena, activating wonder and research in everyday spaces.” -100 Languages of Children Exhibit

To learn more about light and shadows and how they can contribute to children’s learning you can search Reggio Emilia or Loris Malaguzzi.

  • Children practiced observing objects and events with curiosity by investigate how moving a 3D object on a projector and observing the shadow changes the rules of the object.

  • Children practiced actively participating in conversations when they noticed that the pink flower’s shadow was not pink, but the transparent yellow plastic’s shadow was yellow.

  • Children practiced cause and effect when they noticed that when they turned the red knob one way the light box became smaller, and when they turned the red knob the other way the light box became larger.

  • Children practiced using thinking skills to resolve conflicts when someone turned the projector light off and they needed to figure out how to get the light turned back on.

  • Children practice comparing and measuring when they grouped loose parts based on their similarities or differences.

SJ april.JPG