Kids-Niche Feature: Kinnikinnick First Grade

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Here's this week's glimpse into what's happening in our Kids Niche Programs! These feature lessons, activities, and saunters from a different classroom each week.

Today’s Feature: Kinnikinnicks Write Poetry

This month, the Kinnikinnick First Graders have been learning about poetry! We have been reading from Shel Silverstein, Mary Oliver, and Dr. Seuss. In the Shel Silverstein book, Every Thing On It, we found a particularly inspiring poem:


A lizard in a blizzard

Got a snowflake in his gizzard

And nothing else much happened, I’m afraid,

But lizard rhymed with blizzard

And blizzard rhymed with gizzard

And that, my dear, is why most poems are made  

- Shel Silverstein

After reading many more Shel Silverstein poems about different types of animals doing various absurd, atypical animal activities, we decided to write our own poems about animals. First, we each decided about whether we wanted to write a rhyming or non-rhyming poem. Next, we each had to decide the main subject of the poem and the actions that would happen. Some of us wrote rhyming poems, and some chose to write poems that don’t rhyme but we all flexed our creative minds!