Kids-Niche Feature: Shooting Stars Preschool Classroom

Here's this week's glimpse into what's happening in our Kids Niche Programs! These feature lessons, activities, and saunters from a different classroom each week.

Today’s Feature: Shooting Stars Use Natural Dyes

This month, the Shooting Stars have been exploring natural dyes using pomegranates, avocados, and black beans. We started by using our fine motor skills to separate the pomegranate seeds from the skin and the avocado skins and pits from the fruit. We also did some taste testing!

While our dyes were simmering, we asked questions and made predictions. What colors will the dyes turn our yarn? Will the yarn get darker the longer we leave it in the dye? Will it look different once it is dry?

Once our yarn had finished soaking in the dyes, we were surprised to find that the avocado dye turned our yarn pink, the pomegranate dye turned our yarn yellow, and the black bean dye turned our yarn blue!

Learning objectives:

  • Fine motor development

  • Working collaboratively

  • Creating hypotheses

  • Exploring the integration of art and nature

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