Classroom Feature: Chickadee Classroom


Here's this week's glimpse into what's happening in and out of our classrooms here in the day school! These feature lessons, activities, centers, and saunters from a different classroom each week.

Today's feature: Chickadee Arthropod Explorations

Last week the Chickadee classroom had an arthropod exploration center and an entomology lab.  We examined insect x-rays and had a scavenger hunt for arthropods native to western Montana.  We also searched for millipedes, pill bugs, and beetles for our classroom bug cage! 

These classroom activities taught us about respecting life, sharing with our peers, asking questions, and being observant.

Visitors to the Chickadee classroom are more than welcome to visit the arthropods in the bug cage!  They love to eat leftover fruits and vegetables and can always use a couple of squirts of water! The Chickadees want to remind all visitors to feed and water in moderation and always use gentle hands when holding!