Clark Fork Community Wish Tree

wishingtree after.jpeg

Visit our Clark Fork community "Wish Tree" near the Explorer room that holds the wishes for our students this school year made by their parents. We have so many wishes for our children at the beginning of the school year at Clark Fork. We thank you parents for writing them down and adding them to this tree. By working together, teachers and parents, we hope all these wishes come true this year! 

The "Wish Tree" idea was inspired by the book "The Wish Tree" by Katherine Applegate. It is a wonderful story about a community that is brought together by the tree. In the story the tree becomes a symbol in the community with messages of inclusiveness, the beauty of diversity, and the message that dreams to indeed come true when we approach life with an open heart and kindness to all. This book although 4th/5th grade in level aligns well with our new anti-bias policy here at Clark Fork School.