Classroom Feature: Explorers Classroom


Here's this week's glimpse into what's happening in and out of our classrooms here in the day school! These feature lessons, activities, centers, and saunters from a different classroom each week.

Today's feature: Explorer's Little Garden Math Center

Students follow a chart to plant a variety of fruits and vegetables in their "little gardens." Each plant needs a specified amount of water, soil and sunlight. Students count out the individual items for each plant and tally each item they use, then record the total amount of soil, water, and sun used in their gardens for the day. When they get the recipe right, a flower grows where the "seed" once was. If they don't, they have an opportunity to self-assess and correct their mistakes the next day.  In addition to counting, chart reading, and writing, students are learning that all plants need water, sunlight and soil (minerals) to grow and be healthy. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Counting objects to 20
  • Writing numbers to 20
  • Reading simple charts
  • Matching
  • Addition and counting
  • Hearing and writing initial sounds
  • Collecting data