Classroom Feature: Steller's Jays


Each week we'll feature glimpses into what happens in and out of our classrooms here at school! These will include lessons, activities, centers, and saunters from both our day school and Kids Niche programs.

Today's feature: Steller's Jay's Tools Vs. Toys Seek and Find

In our Sensory Bin this week we have a Tool Seek and Find. We have two bins with tools hidden underneath barley and a corresponding picture of the tools found in each bin. The students will find the tools in the bin and match the tool to the picture. In addition, students will be introduced to the concept that tools help us do work and what the difference between tools and toys are. Children will learn the name and function of each tool found in the bins by having conversations about their discoveries with teachers and peers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts
  • Shares and respects the rights of others
  • Coordinates eye-hand movement
  • Observes objects and events with curiosity
  • Shows persistence in approaching tasks
  • Classifies objects
  • Uses one-to-one correspondence counting
  • Expresses self using words and expanded sentences
Search for the tools!

Search for the tools!

Match them up!

Match them up!