Kids Niche Feature: Huckleberry Kindergarten Class


Here's this week's glimpse into what's happening in our Kids Niche Programs! These feature lessons, activities, and saunters from a different classroom each week.

Today’s Feature: Huckleberry Kindergarten Class’s Cooking Projects

The Huckleberries have been putting on their chef hats and cooking up some tasty dishes using fresh, local produce. We are investigating the changes that occur to our food when we simmer, dice, mash, bake, and blend it. Our kids cut up apples and pears and watched their transformation as they were slowly simmered and cooked down into pear butter and applesauce. We also made homemade butter by shaking up heavy cream in a glass jar. The Huckleberries were thrilled to see the liquid cream turn into whipped cream and then separate into butter solids and buttermilk, and they were even more excited to taste the butter on crackers when it was done!

Our class also contributed to a Kids' Niche CSA this year, and we sauntered to the PEAS Farm to pick up our weekly share of produce. For some of the kids, it was their first time visiting the farm, and they were fascinated to see that some of the foods they eat every day can be grown right in their own neighborhood. We used the produce collected from the CSA to make dishes for weekly potlucks with the other Kids' Niche classes. Our contributions included roasted kale chips, tomato salsa, zoodles with garlic and tomato, and squash leek soup. The Huckleberries loved creating dishes and tasting new foods that they might not have tried otherwise. We are looking forward to many more cooking projects throughout the year!

Learning Objectives:

  • Collect local produce and transform it using a variety of cooking methods.

  • Use kitchen tools safely.

  • Expand palates by trying new foods.