NEW at Clark Fork School: Adventure Program


Is “Adventure” your kid’s middle name? We’ve got the after school program for you! This after-school enrichment program is taking our Place Based Education to the next level. Depending on the series, your child into Missoula to have fun, hands-on experiences off campus. The focus of our Adventure Program is on developmentally appropriate outdoor recreation and service-learning through place-based activities and adventures.

Our sessions run around 8 weeks (see specifics below) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Sign up for one day, multiple days, one session, or multiple sessions!


Fall - Biking through Missoula
September 3 - October 24
o Did you know we have bike paths that take you all over town? The purpose of this session is to explore the cycling and mountain biking opportunities in Missoula, along with learning about the different bicycle/transportation organizations in town. The end service learning/volunteer component to be collaborating with a local sustainable transportation organization on a project.

Fall II - “Connecting to Community”
October 29 - December 19
o This session is centered around community aspects of Missoula; specifically, different ways we can engage in public service and help others by learning about some of the critical needs in our community. We’ll be going to the food bank and AniMeals as part of this session.

Winter - Snow & Science
January 7 - February 27
o During this session, students will try different winter sports in Missoula, with the cumulative project of assisting in a winter research project at a outdoor research site.

Winter/Spring - Montana Culture
March 3 - April 9
o This ~5 week “mini” session will highlight diversity in Missoula through introducing students to different cultures, ages, and abilities.

Spring - Get Out! Hiking, Climbing, Fly fishing--the Missoula Experience
April 14 - June 4
o As a land-use-aware community, this session will explore some of the ways we use the land in and around Missoula.
o Service learning component with a local watershed organization to monitor an aspect of stream health in Missoula.

At the end of the day, parents can pick up between 5:30 and 6 pm at Clark Fork School or another predetermined location.