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Clark Fork School Summer Camps

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Beargrass (2nd-5th Grade) - Beargrass Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2017 (pdf)

Kinnikinnick (Kinder/1st Grade) - Kinnikinnick Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2017 (pdf)

Shooting Stars (3-5 year olds) - Shooting Star Camps are full - Please fill out an application if you'd like to be on our waiting list. Shooting Stars Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2017 (pdf)


Clark Fork School offers the following summer camps for students 3 years old through 5th grade:

Bear Grass Summer Camp - for students going into 2nd through 5th Grade.  

Click here for Enrollment Form:  Beargrass Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2017 (pdf)

Click here for this year's themes: Beargrass Summer Camp Themes 2017 (pdf)

The following weeks are full: Week 2 (full for 2nd/3rd grade and 4th/5th grade), Week 3 (full for 2nd/3rd grade; open for 4th/5th grade), Week 5 (full for 2nd/3rd grade; open for 4th/5th grade)

Beargrass Themes 2017:

Week 1:  June 12-16 – Nature’s Cartographers

Get ready to investigate our local place! Using a variety of paper skills and crafts, we will create our own awesome nature journals to take into the field with us. We will practice our cartography skills as we map our adventures and special places. Our observation skills will show us new ways to “read” the natural world around us and enjoy the magic of Missoula’s outdoors. And, of course, we will have lots of treasure hunts!

Week 2:  June 19 – 23 – Biking through Missoula  Full for 2nd/3rd grade and 4th/5th grade

Let's get on our bikes and ride this week of camp! We will explore Missoula on two wheels, visit great cycling organizations like Free Cycles and Adventure Cycling Association, and make our own map of "Best Places to Ride with your Kids in Missoula." Bikes and helmets are required, but please contact the CFS office if this is prohibitive.

Week 3: June 26 – 30 – Awestruck Astronomers   Full for 2nd/3rd grade; open for 4th/5th grade

Let’s learn about outer space! We will explore our closest neighbor, the moon, and continue our journey to the outer reaches of our universe! We will investigate larger than life phenomenons like gravity, meteor showers, and the big bang. Then, we will end the week with a trip out of our atmosphere to the U of M's Planetarium!

Week 4: July 3, 5-7 - Nature’s Dining Room (*** There will be no camp on Tuesday, July 4th ***). 

Become an explorer, a chef, and a master gardener while learning about the delicacies that Mother Nature serves. We will cook with goodies from the CFS garden, turn local plants into delicious delicacies, and learn how to make baked goods out of backyard weeds. This week, we will play, eat, plant, and enjoy the CFS garden. Please mark any dietary restrictions on your enrollment form.

Week 5: July 10-14 – Trailblazing with STEM  Full for 2nd/3rd grade; open for 4th/5th grade

Get into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with different challenges and activities during this investigative week of camp. We will build, create, and explore with lots of interesting materials, while simultaneously making predictions and testing our own experiments. Be prepared to challenge your curiosity and get ready to innovate!

Week 6: July 17-21 – Hiking the Hills 

Campers will get their feet moving this week as we venture into the amazing outdoor spaces of our special home. We will picnic on a hilltop, explore the flora and fauna of Missoula’s mountainsides, learn about famous explorers, and create mountain masterpieces. And, of course, we’ll be learning about our local ecosystems as we go. Get ready for a fun-filled week spent loving and learning about the Great Outdoors!

Week 7:  July 24-28 – Power Wranglers

Explore, create, and construct during an energized week filled with learning about renewable resources. Power cars and ovens from the sun and make wind turbine blades that we’ll put to the test. We will end the week by combining wind and solar to power our own off-grid school community model. Come prepared for an electrifying experience!

Week 8:  July 31 – August 4 – The Power of Play

A summer should be filled with play! Go wild with adventure this week as you and your camp friends determine the week’s itinerary. Will we explore Missoula’s trails on bikes? Will we splash away the summer heat in the river? Will we play hide-and-seek in a hidden forest? It’s all up to you! The only certainty is that there will be lots of play!

Week 9: August 7 – 11 – Trash to Treasures

Repurposing old things is the focus of this fun-filled camp. Every activity will involve creativity, hands-on exploration, and an opportunity to discover that many things do not need to be thrown away. We might, for example, make a secret world out of recyclables or mandalas made from yard debris. There will be no limit to our creativity!

Week 10: August 14 – 18 – We are a Village

Become a kindness hero and discover the power in helping others. This week is filled with special service projects that help our local place. Each exciting project will transform you into a hero of rivers, animals, wilderness, and community. It’s fun helping our village! 

Kinnikinnick Summer Camp - for students going into Kindergarten & 1st Grade. 

Click here for Enrollment Form:  Kinnikinnick Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2017 (pdf)

Click here for this year's themes: Kinnikinnick Summer Camp Themes 2017 (pdf)

Week 1 and week 4 are still open for enrollment; all other weeks are full

Kinnikinnick Themes 2017:

Week 1:  June 12-16 – Galivanting in the Garden

This week, we will spend most of our time playing and learning from the CFS garden. We'll also get to visit other local gardens to learn how many different ways there are to grow things. We'll have fun planting and harvesting, create some yummy garden-fresh treats, build fantastical fairy gardens, learn from the chickens and enhance our wildlife and pollinator habitats! 

Week 2:  June 19 – 23 – Marvelous Mud and Divine Dirt  FULL

This week focuses on digging, creating, planting, and exploring as we dive into a childhood wonder – mud! We will hunt for bugs, make delectable nature pies, explore the garden, and create artistic masterpieces. Leave your nice clothes at home this week, because CFS students are powered by dirt!

Week 3: June 26 – 30 – Montana Creatures Big and Small FULL

Come join us to discover Montana’s wild side! We will learn to think like a deer, hunt like a bird, and hide like a reptile. We will visit the Zoological Museum and learn about the amazing adaptations that allow animals to survive in the Missoula Valley. We’ll even splash away the heat in our local creek as we discover the micro-organisms that call the Rattlesnake home.

Week 4: July 3, 5-7 - Wilderness Explorers (There will be no camp on Tuesday, July 4th).

Learn how to survive in the wild! We will learn how to build a campfire, build an emergency shelter, and identify edible plants. Students will become survival experts as they learn orienteering skills and backcountry cooking. The magic of the great outdoors will be our guide this week!

Week 5: July 10-14 – A Bug’s Life  FULL

Indulge your curiosity as we investigate the insects that live all around us. There will be plenty of adventuring this week as we explore the lives of our local creepy-crawlies! During this fun-filled and educational camp, we will be become bugs and create make-believe homes for ourselves. We will search for insects in the nearby hills and streams, learn how to use field guides to identify unknown bugs, and visit the Missoula Insectarium!

Week 6: July 17-21 – Time Traveling through Missoula FULL

Visit different phases in Missoula’s history as we explore how Missoula has changed over the eons. We will explore the mysteries of Glacial Lake Missoula. We will discover how Native Americans originally used the land and where they settled. We will re-live the life of early homesteaders and will learn about the coming of the railroad. This week requires lots of field trips and tons of imagination!

Week 7:  July 24-28 – Water, Water Everywhere!  FULL

This week is all about one of our most precious natural resources – water! We will explore our local watershed, play at our favorite splash parks, and investigate the water cycle. We’ll also practice fun ways to help conserve water and protect our water habitats. Dive into this week for gallons of watery fun!

Week 8:  July 31 – August 4 – Creating a Caring Community  FULL

This week, we will become kindness heroes and discover the joy in helping others. Every day, we will engage in fun-filled acts of service that show our classmates, our community, and the Earth that we care. We will hold a toy and book drive, plant flowers for senior citizens, make special art for our loved ones, and give TLC to our local parks. And one entire day will focus on ourselves and ways to show self-love!

Week 9: August 7 – 11 – Fabulous Fly Fishing Fun  FULL

Have you ever wondered about what fish eat and how to use that knowledge to catch a trout? At our Fly Fishing camp, we will explore insects, learn how to mimic them, and tie our own flies. We will practice casting, build our own fishing rod, and put our skills to the test on the river. In the process, we will learn more about our close ecosystems and develop a respect for Missoula’s insects, fish, and waterways.

Week 10: August 14 – 18 – Exploring Our Place  FULL

Explore the diverse wonders our special home has to offer! We will saunter to the PEAS farm, have a picnic in a local park, and take a journey to a secret swimming hole tucked in the woods. This week will be filled with field trips as we spend time with friends revisiting some of our favorite spots and discovering new treasures.

Shooting Star Summer CampThe Shooting Star Summer Camp Program is for children age 3-5years old (Children under the age of 3 who were enrolled in the Steller’s Jay classroom at Clark Fork School for the 2016-2017 academic year are welcome to register for our Summer Camp Program. However, we do not accept new students younger than three.)

All weeks are full

Click here for Enrollment Form:  Shooting Stars Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2017 (pdf)

Click here for this year's themes:  Shooting Stars Summer Camp Themes 2017 (pdf)

Shooting Star Themes:

Week 1:  June 12-16 – Montana Creature Power TTh openings only

This camp is all about exploring the magnificent wildlife of our local backyard. We will put our observation skills to the test by learning how these creatures act, where they live, and the magical adaptations that make them who they are. Come join us to discover Montana’s wild side!

Week 2:  June 19 – 23 – On the Bus  FULL

The wheels of the bus go ‘round and ‘round during this fun week of bus excursions in and around our Rattlesnake neighborhood. We will ride the bus to Greenough for a picnic, to Mt. Jumbo for a wildflower saunter, and to Lincolnwood to splash in the creek. Our other two locations will be picked by students! Campers will learn bus etiquette and will have the opportunity to experience the awesome sustainable transportation we have in Missoula.

Week 3: June 26 – 30 – Native Pollinators FULL

At our Native Pollinators Camp, kiddos will explore different native pollinators, why they are important, the logistics behind the magic, and what/where they need to live. We will work together to build a Native Bee House and Bug Hotel for our Garden Learning Center. Let’s use our imaginations to act like bees, our building skills to create a home, and our energy to work together!

Week 4: July 3, 5-7 – Unique You. (*** There will be no camp on Tuesday, July 4th ***).  FULL

This week will be all about celebrating personal expression and individuality! We will focus on the beauty of being ourselves and each day will help us honor our personal uniqueness. Students will take a leadership role in planning each day’s activity, allowing them to explore their favorite parts of themselves. This week is all about building self-confidence!

Week 5: July 10-14 – Insect Investigators - FULL

Spend the week exploring the different bugs that live around us. We will learn about bug parts and play bug games. We will find bugs that live in different habitats, make bug art, and have lots of buggy adventures! Come join us for a week of getting buggy with it!

Week 6: July 17-21 – Avian Adventures - FULL

We will become bird experts this week as we soar with Red Tailed Hawks and wade with American Dippers. We will learn about the ways birds eat and live in the Missoula Valley. Tons of fun bird games and crafts will bring out your inner bird nerd!

Week 7:  July 24-28 – H2Whoa! - TTh openings only

Join us for a week of learning about and playing in the water. We will explore the water cycle through movement, art, and music. Campers will investigate the different shapes water can take and the fun ways it can keep us cool. Get ready for lots and lots of splashing!

Week 8:  July 31 – August 4 – Let’s Get Cooking  FULL

Food gives us energy, so this week we focus on how to fuel our bodies and delight our tongues. We will bring our garden to life as we taste test, mix, blend, freeze, and bake. Campers will be active participants in creating snacks and treats with a focus on healthy energy sources. If your camper has dietary restrictions, please make note of them on your camper’s enrollment form.

Week 9: August 7 – 11 – Get Your Groove On - FULL

We will bop to the beat and make our own tunes this week! How fun it will be to make our own instruments, sing silly songs, and break out some stellar dance moves. Music will be our guide as we saunter along, singing our song. Rhythm not required!

Week 10: August 14 – 18 – Fun with the Sun - TTh openings only

August tends to be hot, hot, hot! The sun will power our fun this week as we make solar ovens, investigate the sky and its patterns, and play with our shadows. Crafts, games, and snacks will teach us how the sun burns bright all summer long!


Additional Information:

You do not need to be a CFS student to attend camps– in fact, we encourage new families to participate!

Clark Fork School offers 10 weeks of summer camp fun for children who want to engage in meaningful place-based activities. There is no place we'd rather be than Montana in the summer time. Join us and tap into your natural curiosity and wonder, while developing stewardship, deep observation, and critical thinking skills. 

Clark Fork School has camp opportunities for children 3-years old through 5th grade.  Each week has a different theme and is packed full of summer-time fun, including getting wet, exploring, and playing outside. The themes for each week are created with the idea of including every child.  Children do not have to be overly excited about art in order to enjoy "art week."  Each child will learn and discover according to his or her own unique needs and talents.

Parents can enroll week-to-week. Each day runs from 8:30am - 3:30pm (flexible schedule available for preschool students), with before care available at 8am and after care available until 6pm. Cancellations must be made two weeks in advance of registered camp. Cancellations made after the two week deadline will receive a 50% refund. Call 728-3395 for more information. Enrollment forms are availlable below. We look forward to a fun-filled summer with you!