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Clark Fork School Summer Camps


Open enrollment begins April 15, 2014

Clark Fork School offers 10 weeks of summer camp fun for children who want to engage in meaningful place-based activities. There is no place we'd rather be than Montana in the summer time. Join us and tap into your natural curiosity and wonder, while developing stewardship, deep observation, and critical thinking skills. 

Clark Fork School has camp opportunities for children 3-years old through 5th grade.  Each week has a different theme and is packed full of summer-time fun, including getting wet, exploring, and playing outside. The themes for each week are created with the idea of including every child.  Children do not have to be overly excited about art in order to enjoy "art week."  Each child will learn and discover according to his or her own unique needs and talents.

Parents can enroll week-to-week. Each day runs from 8:30am - 3:30pm (flexible schedule available for preschool students), with after care available until 6pm. Call 728-3395 for more information. Enrollment forms are avaiable below. We look forward to a fun-filled summer with you! 


Clark Fork School Offers three summer camp programs:

Kids-Niche Summer Camp - The Kids-Niche Summer Camp Program is for children going into 2nd through 5th Grade. 

Kids-Niche Summer Camp Enrollment Form (pdf)

Kinnikinnick Summer Camp - The Kinnikinnick Summer Camp Program is for children going into Kindergarten & 1st Grade. 

Kinnikinnick Summer Camp Enrollment Form (pdf)

Shooting Star Summer CampThe Shooting Star Summer Camp Program is for children age 3-5years old (Children under the age of 3 who were enrolled in the Steller’s Jay classroom at Clark Fork School for the 2013-2014 academic year are welcome to register for our Summer Camp Program. However, we do not accept new students younger than three.) 

Shooting Star Summer Camp Enrollment Form (pdf)

 You do not need to be a CFS student to attend – in fact, we encourage new families to participate!


Below are a few examples of what your children might explore in a CFS summer camp! Detailed descriptions of all 10 weeks are available in the enrollment forms.

Shooting Star Camps:

Week 1: June 9-13 - My Five Senses How do we experience how wonderful our world is? Our five senses! Come explore your special set of senses as we smell, taste, see, touch, and hear our way through a week of fun! Each day will be dedicated to one of our five senses as we delve into the science behind how each sense works.

Week 2: June 16-20 - Storytelling Spectacular! This camp will be dedicated to exploring our favorite stories and the interesting ways they can relate to all of us. Each day campers will find inspiration through a wide variety of art projects and plenty of outdoor play. Bring your own favorite story to share!

 Week 4: June 30-July3 - Messy Science Like to make potions, get messy, and answer questions about why things work the way they do? Then this camp is perfect for the budding scientist! This hands-on, experiential, messy week will include plenty of cause and effect experiments as well as a special trip to spectrUM!  


Kinnikinnick Camps

Week 3: June 23-27 – Explore Planet Earth Join us as we explore our beloved planet.  Where is planet earth?  What is it made of?  How is it different than other planets?  What lives on planet earth?  We will explore the earth's biomes and discover what makes each one unique.  Campers will each create their own large paper-mache Planet Earth!  

Week 7: July 21-25 – Pollinator Frenzy Learn about the local pollinators from butterflies and hummingbirds to bees and moths! Observe pollinators at work in our garden and go sauntering through the woods and neighborhood in search of plants and pollinators. Try some foods that we wouldn’t have without our wonderful pollinators, and create your own bee house to take home!

Week 8: July 28-August1 – Nature’s Collaborators Explore the many ways that different parts of nature work together to move, grow, change, and adapt. We see teamwork play out across nature from wolf packs and ant colonies to the integrated cycles involved in a plant’s growth. Using team building games and collaborative activities, we will develop our own teamwork skills while exploring the natural teams that surround us! 


Kids-Niche Camps

Week 7: July 21-25 – River, Rain, and Rowboats Learn about the water cycle by indulging in an edible aquifer, investigating the insects that live in Rattlesnake Creak, and exploring the Clark Fork River. Race your friends with a personally made water craft and discover how water affects the life of a Missoulian. It will be a perfect week to splash away the summer heat.

 Week 8: July 28-August1 – GPS Adventures Take your hikes and saunters to a whole new level this week while we use Global Positioning Systems to help us track down and find the abundance of Geocaches in Missoula! Learn about the coordinate system as we discover how a GPS works. With the GPS, we will not only try to find as many Geocaches as possible, we will also plant our own Geocache! Make sure to bring little trinkets that you wouldn’t mind trading as you join us on this high-tech treasure hunt!

 Week 9: August 4-8 – Weather Wizards There’s nothing like the weather to inspire a blend of artistic and scientific fun! In this camp we will study Montana’s weather patterns through observation, miniature re-creation and art! We will also be sure to include the very interesting and powerful weather patterns that occur all over the world. Be sure to share your favorite weather phenomenon!