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Program Overview

Clark Fork School's educational program is learner-centered. That is, we believe that learning occurs through social interaction, inquiry, and discussion, both in guided and independent activities. Our programs challenge each student to achieve his or her personal best and encourage children to become competent, caring, productive, independent students who love learning. We are proud of our low student-teacher ratios and the opportunity this presents for individualized attention. Our students are also encouraged to think of themselves as part of the larger school community, and enjoy frequent all-school, multi-age group activities.

Our teachers bring diverse experiences and skills to the school. In order to encourage their continued growth and development, we provide our teachers with opportunities for enhanced training through in-service days, off-site training, and conference attendance. When teachers are involved in those activities, the school employs substitute teachers in the classroom. 


The Building Blocks of Our Philosophy

Each student's unique skills and talents are developed in a multi-age, continuous-progress program based on the following components:

Emotional Growth
Clark Fork School nurtures emotional growth by creating a safe, supportive environment that fosters confidence and independence in problem-solving and decision-making, self-awareness, pride, and a sense of responsibility.

Social Growth
Clark Fork School fosters social growth by encouraging children to learn about themselves and others and to respect everyone's unique qualities; to listen to others; to compromise personal desires for group goals, when appropriate; to play together and become friends in a cooperative and caring way; and to be aware of and show active concern for the local and global community. We are committed to teaching an appreciation for diversity and encouraging each student to develop a strong sense of self in a multi-cultural world.

Cognitive Growth
Clark Fork School promotes cognitive growth by implementing a stimulating and individualized daily curriculum that encompasses varied academic pursuits, hands-on activities, special workshops, and numerous field trips.

Physical Growth and Fitness
Clark Fork School encourages physical growth and fitness by providing a variety of activities, which may include: movement, dance, and drama; cooperative play in the classroom; and vigorous playground recreation in our large outdoor play yard. In addition, individual programs offer age-appropriate off-site instruction in swimming and skiing.

Creative Growth
Clark Fork School focuses on individual creative expression, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Music, art, creative writing, drama, and movement are integrated into the children's activities throughout the school year.