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Parent Volunteer Hours

Clark Fork School’s everyday operations depend on the active involvement of all its families. Each family must provide a minimum of four (for preschool students enrolled two days a week), five (for preschool students enrolled three days a week), or six (all other students) hours per month of service to the school. Our parent job coordinator and staff are available to help match your skills and availability to the jobs that need to be done to keep the school running. In addition, please watch the weekly newsletter and classroom postings for one-time jobs needing urgent attention. Teachers can often provide ideas for jobs if you are having trouble fulfilling your monthly minimum hours, and we encourage parents to take the initiative and suggest a task or project they would like to take on to improve the school. We also maintain reporting requirements, so we can best know what is being done at the school and what is realistically necessary to keep things going.

Most Clark Fork School parents gladly contribute more than the minimum hours, as they know that their contributions enrich the learning experience and the sense of community at our school. Because we occasionally have a problem with parents who do not fulfill their responsibilities, the board may impose a penalty of up to $500 per year for families not providing the sweat equity that keeps our school running. We count on everyone feeling a sense of ownership in the school and a desire to do more than the minimum to make it a wonderful environment for our children. Please do not hesitate to contact the parent job coordinator or a staff member with any questions.

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